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NAV ON AZURE: A Dynamics NAV + Microsoft AZURE Provisioning Tool for Microsoft Worldwide Partners



  • GOOM will deploy each environment on demand
  • GOOM will support your platform
  • Ready to go
  • It is NOT necessary to buy the solution


  • Create your OWN platform on AZURE
  • Do as many deployments as you want
  • Be independent
  • Sell AZURE services
  • Basic options


  • Create your OWN platform on AZURE
  • Do as many deployments as you want
  • Be independent
  • Sell AZURE services
  • Advanced options

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is this tool approved by Microsoft?
    Yes. We have had several meetings with Microsoft where we have shown how the tool works and proved its benefits; they consider it to be unique in the market, because it helps partners to deploy their own NAV on Azure and NAV in Office 365.
  2. Can I use it on different countries?
    Sure. Microsoft Azure and Dynamics NAV are international tools, widely available, so is our tool. Best ERP Online in the world is now available from all countries worldwide.
  3. How does it compare with other NAV-on-Azure deployment solutions?
    We think that more and more intermediaries keep on appearing when you just want to sell your NAV-on-Azure solution; this creates distrust on the market, both at technical and administrative levels. NAV AZURE with OUR TOOL is easy to partners and final clients.
    Thus, OUR TOOL allows you to do your own deployments on your own (or your customer's) Azure subscriptions, so you can avoid dependencies on other partners or platforms. Thus, by removing these elements from your supply chain, you will be more efficient and offer better costs. Of course, you will also be able to deploy or sell additional NAV components on Microsoft Azure, sell maintenance services for your Azure applications, etc.
    There are a lot of advantages with our provisining tool rather than others, because you can learn about AZURE, take advantage of ClickOnce options and offer it directly to your customers with the best AZURE price
  4. If I use my own Azure subscription, deploy my own environment and sell it as a service to a final customer, may I know beforehand the exact cost of the resources which will be used for these NAV-on-Azure deployments?
    You will never be able to know the exact Azure cost beforehand, because it depends on variable parameters such as virtual machine uptime or size, and these factors may change over time. You will be charged only for what you use.
    Nevertheless, GOOM will provide you with a price calculator for NAV-on-Azure environments. With it, your salespeople will be able to make quotes and offers in minutes, based on the input of several parameters customized for every final customer.
    NAV on AZURE Pricing and NAV Online Pricing is provided by GOOM.
  5. How can Goom guarantee that the system will never fail?
    Depending on which version you choose, GOOM will provide:
    • Technical documentation, easy to understand by a consultant, detailing how our tool should be used, so as the partner wouldn't be tied to GOOM in its relationship with the final customer.
    • A 16 hours training course covering the usage of our tool as well as basic topics about Microsoft Azure related to it.
    • Technical support during the first 2 months, so as to assure the success of the first deployments, until the partner picks up the necessary knowledge.
    • 1 year of updates guaranteed by contract, so that our tool keeps working regardless of Azure Management API changes in the near future (which are frequent, by the way).
  6. Can we deploy both dedicated and shared environments with the tool?
    Yes, you can.
  7. If I have already chosen an option, may I change to a different one?
    Yes, but only in the following cases:
    • From Pay-as-you-go to Basic: We will discount the 50% of the Pay-as-you-go payment that you have already made from the Basic option price.
    • From Basic to Enterprise: You could simply pay the price difference between these two options.
  8. I am interested in the tool. What should I do next?
    Please, fill and submit this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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