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It's better not to depend on third parties

TEN REASONS to choose GOOM Solution over other NAV platforms on Azure

1º REASON: GOOM Solution gives you access to the same features any other intermediary-managed NAV platform does
    • Dynamics NAV in AZURE integration with Office 365.
    • Simple displays possibilities without any extensive technical knowledge needed.
    • Great cost reduction in comparison comparison to on-premises solutions due to elimination of investment on servers.Pay per use and monthly.
    • Increase of performance and security if comparing with any on-premises solutions.
    • Unlimited scalability of users and resources.
    • Full support.
    • Geographical scope: can be deployed at any AZURE Data Center offering IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services, virtually reaching the entire Planet.
2º REASON: Open model
  1. Other platforms
    • Closed Model: access to NAV through the platform of the 3-rd party AZURE provider.
    • The partner does not have subscription to AZURE or access to it, and therefore:
    • + The partner is not allowed to change anything that is not accessible via the provider portal.
    • + The rest of non-NAV AZURE features cannot be leveraged.
  2. GOOM Solution
    • The AZURE subscription belongs to the partner, who retains full control of it.
    • Total control over both bill and resources.
    • All the features offered by AZURE can be taken as advantages; there are much more features apart from the simple creation of virtual machines: web sites, backup, virtual networks, etc.
    • TOTAL Flexibility
    • The partner is relieved from the burden of acquiring the relevant know-how and deploying their own NAV in AZURE.
3º REASON: Freedom of configuration
  1. Other platforms
    • The intermediary offers a limited number of configurations
    • Configurations with redundancy are not allowed, so the Microsoft SLA cannot be complied.
    • Unclear information about redundancy and high availability (different concepts).
  2. GOOM Solution
    • Having access to the AZURE subscription, allows you to create as many servers as needed. You have COMPLETE freedom to create Virtual Machines. As an example:
    • Hosting NAV+SQL Server on the same server or on a separate host (that would be recommended for production environments).
    • NAV server can be installed on more than one machine with load balancing for high availability.
    • Same as for SQL Server, thanks to the Always On Availability Groups.
    • We offer a high availability environment yet ready, at both levels, NAV and SQL Server. Covered by a 99.95% AZURE SLA Microsoft Azure Support and with automatic scaling.
4º REASON: Configurable and Open Backup system
  1. Other platforms
    • Closed, not configurable Backup Systems
    • Only SQL Database backups.Fixed backup scheme without other possible options.
  2. GOOM Solution
    • Open and CONFIGURABLE Backups systems
    • Offering two different but non-exclusive types of backups (both can be used together, if desired, for extra security):
    • - Direct SQL backups to Azure BLOBs.
    • - Backups with Azure Recovery Services of any folder and any virtual machine file.
    • You can define the frequency and types of backups needed (e.g. completely and daily backups).
5º REASON: FULL Partner Control
  1. Other platforms
    • As the ERP of the final customer is included on the intermediary platform, the intermediary itself can sell more AZURE services and others.
  2. GOOM Solution
    • "Full Control of the partner" means a true "Full Control" of the whole environment of Dynamics NAV and SQL AZURE.
    • The partner, remains the single point of contact for its customers. GOOM does not have any kind of relationship with the final customer.
6º REASON: Knowledge of AZURE
  1. Other platforms
    • Other platforms do not offer AZURE training, only offering trainings concerning their services.
    • The partner ignores the advantages and possibilities offered by AZURE.
  2. GOOM Solution
    • AZURE trainings are include, containing:
    • Azure Introduction and general concepts.
    • PowerShell for both NAV Administration and Azure.
    • Storage, websites, systems backup, SQL Azure, Azure Automation, virtual networks, Visual Studio Online (TFS), load balancing, etc.
    • And the possibility of more specific technical training, according to the needs of each Partner.
7º REASON: AZURE support
  1. Other platforms
    • There is no guide available for sizing of virtual machines available.
    • Prices: any tools nor information is offered to stimulate the consumption of AZURE by NAV
  2. GOOM Solution
    • We offer:
    • An AZURE calculator to personalize the prices of every offer.
    • Tips about dimensioning virtual machines for deployments.
    • Personalized support to our customers on the first deployments.
8º REASON: Independence
  1. Other platforms
    • There is a huge dependence with the intermediary, so:
    • What might happen if the partner wants to leave and take its deployments or NAV database?
    • What might happen if the intermediary disappears?
  2. GOOM Solution
    • If you choose to have your own subscription, the partner becomes completely independent from GOOM.
    • Your data and deployments are yours and therefore you are able to do what you want with them.
    • If you choose our subscription, we offer flexibility when carrying your data or deployment to other environments, both in the cloud and on - premises.
9º REASON: Profitability
  1. Other platforms
    • As there is an intermediary that maintains the platform and sells AZURE Services, the cost of the Partner is higher. Therefore the PVP for the customer is higher too.
  2. GOOM Solution
    • There are no intermediaries, so the Partner purchases MICROSOFT services at the same original price.
    • You can get benefits in every operation.
    • You can sell and manage more AZURE services for the final customer.
10º REASON: Integration
  1. Other platforms
    • It is impossible to integrate NAV with other final customer applications such as Web Shop, CRM type...
  2. GOOM Solution
    • As the Partner is the one that manages the environment in AZURE, is also the one that can sell and integrate NAV with another tools easily.