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Directions EMEA 2015

NAV on AZURE: A Dynamics NAV + Microsoft AZURE Provisioning Tool for Microsoft Worldwide Partners

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Directions EMEA 2015

Attend GOOMAZURE Presentation at DIRECTIONS EMEA 2015 in MANNHEIM. A Tool to create your Own NAV In + On AZURE Platform and Environments for your customers

We provide NAV partners with a tool and the capabilities to create their OWN NAV platform on AZURE and in Office 365 hosting NAV Standard, Customized or Vertical Solutions. Avoid dependencies, take control, set you own prices and get more earnings by providing AZURE services and NAV Online directly to your customers (faster deployments with ClickOnce installer, multi-tenant environments, mobile client…)

We will also show you a unified desktop in Office 365 with ONE MICROSOFT integration (NAV Online + CRM Online + Office 365 + Power BI) that you could build in hours directly for your customers.

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Microsoft freely provides a set of tools for partners as a help to deploy Dynamics NAV on AZURE. These Provisioning Tools for Microsoft Azure consist of several Windows PowerShell scripts and cmdlets which can be used to set up full working environments for Dynamics NAV running on Azure virtual machines.

Thanks to Microsoft, we can use this tools to deploy Dynamics NAV on Azure. Thus, it becomes the best ERP for cloud environments. But the scripts may be enhanced by partners, if needed:

  • Some modifications can be made for the scripts to be used for deploying a production environment, (specially regarding certificates and security configuration).
  • Microsoft has helped every Dynamics NAV partner a lot by providing these scripts. They are a solid base upon which more complex tools can be created. And that's what we have done.
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What is the complexity about Provisioning Tools for Microsoft AZURE?

The provided Windows PowerShell scripts may be reviewed and analyzed before changes can be made by partners. But this is not a trivial task:

  • First of all, a developer (or a team of developers) should be assigned to the task of studying the PowerShell scripts.
  • Thus, the development team should possess solid knowledge of POWERSHELL, AZURE and DYNAMICS NAV technologies.
  • The scripts comprise thousands of lines of advanced Windows PowerShell code. Thus, a significant amount of time should be invested into reviewing, analyzing and understanding its inner workings, so that it can be further enhanced by the partners.

GOOM has been working on it for months. And now we offer a TOOL for Microsoft partners which enables them to deploy their own Dynamics NAV production environments on AZURE, and offer them to their customers.


We can state that Dynamics NAV Online is now available as the best ERP on the CLOUD:

  • For the first time in history, Dynamics NAV (formerly NAVISION) is fully available Online, together with its whole platform and infrastructure.
  • You can sell it to your customers with the flexibility of the NAV subscription license.
  • It's easier and faster to deploy: using our tool, in only 2-3 machine hours your customers will have access to their ERP solution in the CLOUD.
  • Microsoft is making a stronger bet on the Small and Midsize Business market, and NAV Online is better integrated to work with Office 365 and CRM Online than similar products.

And... you can set up multitenant architecture for Dynamics NAV to reduce costs even more.

Our Solution


Our tool includes the next products and services:

  • A .NET solution, easy to setup, which carries out the deployment process.
  • A tool to update and maintain ClickOnce manifests (whenever the RTC is updated) in a single simple step.
  • Technical documentation about the use of the tool, and also AZURE advices, scenarios...
  • Online training: About the use of the TOOLand focused on being autonomous with it (two sessions of 4 hours).
  • Personalized support for two months.
  • 1 year update plan.


Every Microsoft Dynamics Partner can sell and deploy this solution using our Tool.
There are only two requirements:

  • Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 is the minimum required version.
  • It is not necessary to have Azure and PowerShell knowledge; it isn't even necessary to have strong technical skills to use our Tool.


  • You can create your own platform on AZURE with a basic knowledge.
  • The deploy costs would be reduced by 80%.
  • As soon as you get OUR TOOL you can inmediately offer it to your customer base, and also to new NAV Online customers, of course.
  • It will be more easy for your company to sell the AZURE platform and its services as a new line of business.
  • You will NOT depend on other partners or third parties to give service to your customers.
  • In a few hours you can deploy full production environments with NAV + AZURE + OFFICE 365 + SQL.
  • You can have greater control over your customer costs every month, and thus be able to fix your own margins.
  • Warranty: GOOM offers exclusive support to Dynamics Partners to solve every incident and ensure implementation success.
  • Update Plan: GOOM will update the TOOL so that it will be adapted to future changes in the Microsoft Azure API for 1 year.


  • Scalable infraestructure.
  • Microsoft warranty: increased security and reduced costs.
  • Our Tool cuts down infraestructure and IT costs by automating processes.
  • In a few hours they will be able to use their new NAV Online solution.
  • Secure access from every place and from every device to their business information on the CLOUD.
  • SLA of 99,95% when Azure availability groups are used (2 or more virtual machine instances for every tier).
  • 24x7x365 Microsoft Support
  • Security, backup services, privacity controls.



The TOOL is prepared and available to Microsoft Dynamics Partners so that they can create their own CLOUD platform on AZURE while being independent, but we also offer the alternative to deploy and maintain Dynamics NAV on AZURE for each final customer.